AR 500 targets for long-range and high velocity rifles

Our American made steel is laser cut, so only 1/16th of an inch of the metal is softened past the cutting line. Whereas, other high-heat cutting methods can compromise the hardness of the entire steel plate.

Our targets provide a distinct sound upon bullet contact, allowing the shooter to be sure of a definite hit. The overall shooting experience is enhanced by allowing the target to swing and quickly adjust to a second shooting point. This saves the shooter from having to manually reset the target. When a target shows wear, simply wipe it clean, touch up with fresh paint as desired, and it's ready for more action.

6' Tall Hostage Silhouette

This target is designed to simulate an assailant using a hostage as a shield. It is fabricated with 1/2" steel, and the target surfaces are laser cut from 1/2" AR500 steel, so it can be used with pistols and heavy guns. This design presents an opportunity for military and law enforcement to train for a hostage scenario. A 2-in-1 target, it is also meant for center mass-round placement practice. This target assembly is 6' tall with a 30.25" x 18" main target plate and a 6" diameter assailant plate. Contact us for pricing and ordering.

Dueling Tree Targets

Dueling Trees provide the opportunity for two or more shooters to test their skills against one another for some friendly competition. Have two shooters stand side by side and the fastest one to move the targets to the others side wins the game. This target is also ideal for the single shooter. This design comes with a set of 6 plates, measuring 6" in diameter, with AR500, 3/8" thick steel plates (1/2" and 3/4" plates are also available). Overall Dimensions: 66" Tall x 28" Wide x 33" Depth; Weight: 160 lbs. Contact us for prices, options and ordering.

3 Plate Swinging Target Stand Package

This Three Plate Swinging Target Stand Package comes standard with One center 10" Plate and Two 5" Side Plates. (Also available two 4" side plates and 10" center plate.) Constructed of 1/2" thick AR500 steel. The design allows the user to adjust the spacing between the targets, and the targets are fully customizable. The user can add or remove different size target plates as desired. This target also is collapsible by loosening two wing nuts on either side of the target and folding the legs into the stow-away position. This makes the target very portable and easy to store. Overall Dimensions: 80-1/2" Wide x 35" Tall x 22" Deep; Weight: 72.5 lbs. Contact us for prices and ordering.

Hanging Gong Targets (10" and 12")

AR 500 Hanging Gong Targets can be hung with a chain to an existing frame. Simple and cost effective. You can also view steel gong frames on our accessories page. Weight: 12.2 lbs. for 10", and 17 lbs. for 12" size. Contact us for prices and ordering.

Hanging Silhouette Gongs

Hanging Silhouette Gongs are designed with two square bolt holes on the shoulders of the target to fasten chain with grade 8 carriage bolts. You can attach it to an existing frame of your own or check our steel gong frames on the accessories page. Cost effective and very durable, made with with AR500 steel. The small gong is 20 1/18" x 12" x 1/2"; weight 26.4 lbs. The large gong is 30.25" Long x 18" Wide x 1/2"; weight 60 lbs. Contact us for prices and ordering.

Silhouette Stand

This 30.25'' x 18'' x 1/2'' thick Silhouette Stand Package is one of our most robust, heavy duty targets. It's simple design combines portability and durability. Every square inch is made from 1/2" AR500 steel with no vulnerable exposed hardware to damage. Simply insert the upright target plate into the desired slot angles, and you are ready to go! Contact us for prices and ordering.

Hammer Down Target Package

Available in 10" and 12" sizes, our Round Hammer Down Hanging Targets are a simple design that are very popular. Easy to transport and set up. Simply hammer this target into the ground about 2 feet deep. The frame will stand about three feet off the ground once installed, placing the target plate at a perfect height for practice shooting. Overall dimensions (target frame): 31" x 50" x 2-5/16"; weight: 57.5 lbs. Contact us for prices and ordering.

About our Products

Our products are designed to guarantee that you get the most out of your shooting experience. Targets are manufactured by Ground Zero Ballistics, LLC, a company founded by Jai Moore, a business professional and a devoted outdoorsman.

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